S 4137 Eluent Heater Module with Controller

The Sykam S 4137 Eluent Heater with  Temperature Controller facilitates easy preparative HPLC column/eluent temperature control. The temperature controller with a separate eluent heater module for close to column installation offers flexible addition and integration of eluent temperature control for Sykam and other preparative HPLC systems.

Sykam GmbH


Eluent temperature control or eluent pre-heating is common practice for industrial scale chromatography as seen, for instance, with large scale sugar separations. In analytical HPLC it is common practice to use a column oven. For preparative HPLC with relatively high flow rates, a standard column oven or an electrical column sleeve has limited heat transfer – especially with PEEK or glass columns – and consequently a uniform heat distribution cannot be guaranteed. With an eluent heater mounted at close proximity of the column, uniform heat distribution is only a matter of proper equilibration with only a few column volumes of eluent. The Sykam eluent heater uses 7.5 ml internal volume stainless steel capillary mounted on a low voltage 300 Watt heater. The heater and controller are separate units enabling close to column installation of the heater unit. Also available is the Sykam S 4136 eluent heater with a column cabinet for applications where a thermally isolated and closed system is required.


Technical Specifications

Internal eluent volume

7.5 ml, 1/16 stainless steel capillary 1 mmID

Liquid contact materials

Stainless Steel

Max flowrate

250 ml/min

Heating capacity

300 Watt

Temperature range

Ambient to 100 ºC.


Temperature controller plus separate eluent heating module

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