S 6425 Fraction Collector / Autosampler


The Sykam S 6425 is a combination instrument Fraction Collector and Autosampler built as a single integrated unit for preparative LC and HPLC. For the obvious coherent need of fraction collection and larger volume repetitive autosampling for preparative chromatography we propose the Sykam S 6425 as a cost saving dual functionality instrument.

Sykam GmbH



The S 6425 Fraction Collector / Autosampler offers a compact economical approach for preparative autosampling and fraction collection. As autosampler the loading capacity is up to 19 sample tubes of 50ml. The syringe dosing system allows for programmable variable volume injection. As a fraction collector there is a choice of racks for 1,5ml, 15ml and 50 ml tubes and a bottle rack for 500ml bottles.


Technical Specifications

Sample Capacity

19 tubes of 50ml

Injection Volume


Max Injection Volume

Up to 5 ml (fixed loop volume)

Injection Accuracy


Injection Precision

< 0,2%

Wetted Materials

PVC, PTFE, Stainless Steel, PEEK, PPS

Collection Racks

2x (72×1,5ml), 2x (84x15ml) 2x (40x50ml), 1x (20x500ml)


Manual, RS232, Digital I/O

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