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Sykam develops and manufactures Analytical HPLC Systems, Preparative HPLC Systems, Ion Chromatographs, Amino Acid Analyzers and is well-recognized as global OEM supplier for leading companies.

Advanced and reliable systems through extensive in-house R&D and manufacturing facilities

Founded in 1984, Sykam GmbH is a family-owned company based in Germany, serving customers around the world with chromatography equipment.

With the extensive in-house R&D and manufacturing facilities Sykam has evolved into a highly regarded company by chromatographers, worldwide distributors, and OEM customers alike.

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A family-owned company based in Germany


One of the world’s leading suppliers for amino acid analyzers

Since 1984

Advanced & reliable chromatography systems since 1984

In-House R&D

Extensive in-house R&D and manufacturing facilities


Serving customers and partners around the world

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