Sykam S 500 Systems

The Sykam S 500 System Series of HPLC instruments are designed to allow configuration of a complete automated HPLC in a “tower-concept” with a small footprint, taking up as little as possible laboratory bench space. With a choice of manual control or complete system control by a PC with control software, the S 500 series of instruments allows flexible configuration for a multitude of HPLC applications.

Sykam S 500 SystemThe S 500 HPLC is built as a modular configurable system. Each module of the S 500 HPLC system can be used as a stand-alone fully functional unit or as integral part of a complete system. Whether you upgrade an existing sytem – also from other brands! – or choose a complete system, the extensive digital and analog connectivity offers the user maximum flexibility to incorporate the Sykam S 500 series in the modern chromatography laboratory.

  • The available pump configurations are: The isocratic pump and the low pressure quaternary gradient pump with adjustable mixing volume and dynamic mixer and optional built-in degasser. A high pressure binary gradient system can be configured by using two pumps. The pump is available as stainless and as biocompatible PEEK version. With three available flowrate ranges (micro, analytical and semi-preparative version), the pumpconfiguration can be adapted to virtually any HPLC application.
  • The Autosampler with an easy to remove stainless steel sample rack for vial loading is built as a robust reliable autosampler with direct needle to valve injection minimizing dead volumes and sample loss.
  • The UV-Detector is availabe as a one or two-channel detector with high quality optics and optional in-line scanning possibility and an integrated peak detector for preparative applications and control for fraction collectors.
  • The Photodiode Array (PDA) Detector is available as a routine version with an optical resolution of 2,2nm (256 diodes) or as research version with an optical resolution of 0,8nm (1024 diodes). In UV-Detector mode, the detector records up to 4 wavelengths simultaneously.
  • The Refractive Index Detector with programmable temperature control and thermally isolated optics results in highly stable baselines and optimal sensitivity.