Analytical HPLC

Sykam GmbH offers two series HPLC instruments for micro, analytical and semi-preparative HPLC in stainless-steel and bio-inert PEEK versions. The series are: “S 500 Series” and the “S 600 Series” of instruments. Together with the S 6000 range of manual and motorized HPLC-valves Sykam offers a versatile platform of HPLC Systems that can be configured exactly towards the chromatographer’s needs.

In addtion to the analytical HPLC systems, Sykam’s latest addition to the program is the S 700 Preparative HPLC Series, offering pumps with flow-rates of up  to 1000 ml/min and pressures up to 400 bar. The S 700 series is completed with  detectors, switching valves, automatic sample loaders and fraction collectors. See the preparative HPLC page for more information about the S 700 series.  

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