Ion Chromatographs

Ion Chromatography is a well established ion exchange chromatography technique for the analysis of anions and cations. In contrast to general HLPC systems, often suitable for a wide range of applications, ion chromatographs are chromatography systems specifically adapted for the analysis of inorganic anions, inorganic cations, organic acids or for instance transitionmetal analysis . Metal-free flow paths, conductivity detection and ion suppression of eluent ions are a few of the specific necessities to enable reliable chromatographic analysis of the aforementioned analytes.

We are offering two series of ion-chromatography systems. The so called “Plus” series and the standard series without the “Plus” denomination. The difference between these two is given by the use of continuous electrolytically regenerating suppressors with the “Plus” series. These self regenerating suppressors decrease the eluent background conductivity when highest sensitivity for the analytes is needed.

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The Sykam S 150 series of ion chromatographs are modular ion chromatography systems configurable to the users needs.

The Sykam S 155 ion chromatographs area economical integrated tabletop ion chromatographs with manual injection.