S 150 Ion Chromatography System Module

The Sykam S 150 Ion Chromatography module is built up as a column-oven, in-line suppressor unit (for anion analysis) and a conductivity detector as one integrated module for ion-chromatography.

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The Sykam S 150 Ion Chromatography module in combination with the S 1130 isocratic or gradient IC pump and/or the S 5300 IC autosampler completes the system as an ion chromatograph for the analysis of anions or cations, transition metals, organic acids and amines. The for cation chromatography the unit is built up as a column-oven and a conductivity detector. For anion chromatography the S 150 is equiped with an additional built-in suppressor unit facilitating high sensitivity anion analysis.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions 47,8 × 39,6 × 16,5 cm
Wetted materials

PEEK, PPS, PTFE, stainless steel

Column oven temperature range

+30 ºC – +100 ºC

Column oven temperature accuracy

< 0.1 ºC

Column oven switching valve

Optional (for automatic column switching or flow-diversion)

Measuring range

Conductivity 20 nS/cm – 20000 μS/cm

Flowcell volume

0.76 µl


Anion Configuration: Integrated in-line autosuppressor for anion-analysis.
Cation Configuration: No. Upgradable with autosuppressor for anion-analysis