PrepCon 6 control & data handling system for preparative LC and HPLC systems

The PrepCon 6 software represents the evolution of the preparative chromatography data system, building upon the foundation of its predecessor, PrepCon 5.

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The Sykam preparative LC/HPLC modules, consisting of an extensive range of pumps, detectors, switching valves and fraction collectors offers the chromatographer the possibility to configure a preparative chromatography system for virtually any application. Whether it is a simple isocratic application or a demanding multidimensional chromatography application, the user is best served with a user friendly flexible configurable software and control system.
Since preparative chromatography systems are often used in a regulatory environment, regulatory compliance must be guaranteed as well. It is for these reasons that Sykam proposes the PrepCon software.
PrepCon 6 represents the evolution of the preparative data system, building upon the foundation of its predecessor, PrepCon 5.

Throughout the development of PrepCon 6, the makers have seamlessly integrated the wealth of knowledge gained from the experience with PrepCon 5. This software boasts a modular structure that provides unparalleled flexibility within the preparative chromatography segment, allowing for the seamless configuration of even the most intricate processing plants. Enhanced by dynamic flowchart visualizations, customizable graphical interfaces, and support for managing multiple configurations, the software’s usability has been significantly elevated.

The purification process is facilitated through the implementation of Intelligent Fractionation, optimizing efficiency and precision. Furthermore, the sophisticated error handling mechanism effectively identifies and manages device errors, thereby ensuring a secure operational environment.

In terms of compliance, PrepCon 6 adheres rigorously to GMP FDA 21 CFR Part 11 standards, while also taking into consideration the principles outlined in GAMP5.


Main features

PrepCon 6 Visualisation Setup
PrepCon 6 Visualisation Setup
  • Flexible system control software for preparative processes
  • Optimized for chromatography – Versatile and applicable to many processes
  • Regulatory-compliant operation (GMP, GLP, CFR Part 11, …)

Modular system configuration

PrepCon 6 Modules
PrepCon 6 Modules
  • Modular integration of the devices to be controlled
  • Definition of security criteria
  • Control of a wide range of devices and components from various manufacturers

Process method definition

PrepCon 6 Method
PrepCon 6 Method
  • Step-Based Procedure
  • Time- or Volume-based workflow
  • Easy programming through interaction with the system visualization

Documentation and reconstruction of process data

PrepCon 6 Reconstruction
PrepCon 6 Reconstruction
  • Data tracking
  • Device status
  • User interventions
  • Executed Functions
  • Fractions

Independent user management

PrepCon 6 Admin
PrepCon 6 Admin
  • User creation
  • Definition of roles with permissions

PrepCon 6 Server Local

Local file system or central server?

All process data can be stored either in the local file system or on a central server. The server usage offers administrative advantages, enables reprocess stations, and simplifies backups.

PrepCon 6 HA

High availability through redundancy

Are you concerned that all systems will be down in the event of a server failure?
The PrepCon6 database servers can be made redundant. If a server fails, the running systems can seamlessly access the remaining servers.
The servers synchronize the data during operation – so even replaced servers reintegrate at runtime.

Technical Specifications

Operating system

Windows 10 or higher, 64 bit


8 GB or more


At least Intel Core i5 6th Gen. or comparable

Input devices

Mouse & keyboard

Disk space

At least 10 GB free

Screen resolution

1920 x 1080 @ 96 dpi, or better


Needed: a second network card which creates an independent LAN is recommended. An additional free USB port if a license dongle is used.

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