S 1130G Quaternary Gradient IC Pump

The S 1130G Quaternary Gradient IC pump is an ion chromatography pump with a metal-free flow path. The liquid contact materials are PEEK, Teflon AF, PVDF, Ceramics and Sapphire resulting in an inert flow path. The pump is dedicated for ion chromatography and other applications where bio-inertia is necessary.

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The Sykam S 1130G Quaternary Gradient IC pump with a bio-inert metal free flow path, PEEK pump headsย  and an integrated in-line vacuum eluent degasser, dedicated for ion chromatography. The pump has a flow rate range of 0.001 to 10 ml/min and a pressure range of up to 40 MPa. The added feature of gradient elution for ion chromatography enables the user to apply for instance hydroxide gradients for complex separation challenges or automatic column cleaning routines with additional eluents after sample matrix induced deterioration of the column performance.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions 47,8 × 16,5 × 39,6 cm
Solvent delivery method

Dual piston in series with two checkvalves


PEEK with passive piston back-seal flushing

Liquid contact materials

PEEK, Teflon AF, PVDF, Ceramics, Sapphire

Flow rate range

0,001 to 10 ml/min

Pressure range

Up to 40 MPa

Gradient mixer

Built-in active gradient mixer with variable volume adjustment (10 – 500 ยตl)

In-line degassing

Integrated in-line vacuum eluent degasser

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