S 3255 UV/Vis Detector

The Sykam S 3255 UV/Vis Detector for high flow preparative chromatography configurable for routine use as well as research applications needing advanced optional functionalities

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The Sykam S 3255 UV/Vis Detector is a single or optional dual channel variable wavelength detector with a wavelength range of 190 to 800 nm. Built around a high quality “moving monochromator” optics for minimal loss of light energy at any chosen wavelength, the result is a UV/Vis detector with high sensitivity and stability making the S 3255 suitable for routine as well as research applications.

An integrated wavelength program allows for free programming of different wavelengths within a run. A special feature of the S 3255 is the integrated peak detector with the possibility of direct control of external solenoid valves by means of an integrated 24 Volt output stage with a programmable delay function. Just adding a an automatic three-way valve from the Sykam S 6000 series allows for fraction collection or solvent recycling.

The preparative flowcell is available in stainless steel and in PEEK versions.

Technical Specifications


Single channel, dual channel (optional)

Wavelength range

190 – 800 nm

Optical bandwidth

5 nm

Wavelength programming

Up to 10 wavelengths per run

Flow cell

Preparative stainless steel, preparative PEEK, 0,5mm optical pathlength, 1/8" standard fitting connection

Flow cell position

Front mounted flow cell for easy access and column connection

Peak detector

Programmable Peak-Start Threshold and Peek-End Threshold signal level

Valve Control

24 Volt active valve control by means of Peak Detector and programmable delay

Wavelength scanning


Wetted materials

PVC, PTFE, stainless steel, PEEK, PPS

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