S 711 Preparative Isocratic HPLC System – Stainless Steel Version

An isocratic stainless steel system with a flow range of up to 150 ml/min or 250 ml/min @ 400 bar

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The Sykam S 711 Preparative LC/HPLC System is the basic configuration of the S 700 series of instruments. It is an isocratic system with the S 1535 pump as 150 ml/min or 250 ml/min version and a presssure range of up to 400 bar. The system is equipped with the S 5400 sampling module with 10 ml and 2 ml standard sample loops. Sample loops with other volumes are available on request. The system is completed with the S 3255 variable wavelength UV/Vis detector with a wavelength range of 190 nm to 800 nm and a preparative flow cell with an optical path length of 0.5 mm.

The S 711 System can be operated as manually controlled standalone system with analog and digital inputs and outputs for data collection and fraction collector control. For computer controlled systems we propose our PrepCon 5 control and data handling software presented on this website.

Shown below, for added functionality, you may add a fraction collector and/or a sample loading rack with an automatic valve for multiple large volume sample injections.

Technical Specifications

Flowrate range

up to150 ml/min, up to 250 ml/min

Max. pressure

400 bar




UV/Vis (190 – 800 nm), Flow cell optical pathlength 0.5 mm

Sample injection

Automatic, manual, 10 ml sample loop, 2 ml sample loop

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