S 722 Preparative Binary Gradient HPLC System – PEEK Version

A metal free bio-compatible PEEK binary high pressure gradient mixing system and a flow range of up to 150 ml/min or 250 ml/min @ 350 bar.

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The Sykam S 722 Preparative LC System is a binary gradient PEEK system with a flow range of up to 250 ml/min and UV/Vis detector.

The Sykam S 722 Preparative LC System is the basic configuration high pressure mixing binary gradient HPLC system. It is the bio-inert PEEK flow path version of the S 712 Stainless Steel System. It is based on two Sykam S 1535 pumps with PEEK pump heads as the 150 ml/min version or up to 250 ml/min version. Together with the S 5400 sampling module, the S 3255 UV/Vis detector and the optional choices for fraction collection, the S 722 system is suitable for preparative bio chromatography applications like ion exchange chromatography, hydrophobic interaction chromatography, immobilized chelate chromatography (IMAC, HisTag) and immunoaffinity chromatography allowing the use of high salt, high molarity buffers over the complete pH range.

The system can easily be expanded with additional functionalities – as shown here below – with valves, eluent monitors, fraction collectors and additional detectors if further needs arise. It makes the S 712 system a safe investment for standard biochromatography applications while ensuring flexibility when further needs for more advanced applications become of interest at later date.

Technical Specifications

Flowrate range

up to 150 ml/min, up to 250 ml/min

Max. pressure

350 bar


High Pressure Mixing Binary Gradient


UV/Vis (190 – 800 nm), pathlength 0.5 mm

Sample injection

Automatic, manual, 10 ml sample loop, 2 ml sample loop

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