S 744 Preparative Quaternary Gradient HPLC System – PEEK Version

A metal free bio-compatible PEEK quaternary gradient system based on the S 1525 pump with flow rate ranges up to 150 ml/min, 250 ml/min, 500 ml/min or 1000 ml/min @ 350 bar.

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The Sykam S 744 Preparative LC System is a biocompatible quaternary gradient system based on the Sykam S 1525 HPLC pump with the S 8140 external gradient mixer. The system is available with flowrate ranges of up to 150 ml/min, up to 250 ml/min,  up to 500 ml/min or up to 1000ml/min. The system is completed with a sampling module and a UV/Vis detector. The need for a biocompatible or bio-inert flow path for a preparative chromatography system is typically defined by the target molecules to be purified and the necessary chromatographic modes. The S 744 system is suitable for preparative biochromatography applications like ion-exchange chromatography, hydrophobic interaction chromatography, immobilized chelate chromatography (IMAC, HisTag) and immunoaffinity chromatography allowing the use of high salt, high molarity buffers and complete pH range compatibility. As a quaternary gradient system the user has the highest flexibility in terms of elution conditions varying from isocratic elutions up to complex gradients or, for instance binary gradients with additional mobile phases for CIP-procedures.

The system can easily be expanded with additional functionalities with valves, eluent monitors, fraction collectors and additional detectors if further needs arise. The S 744 System is predestined to serve as a bio-chromatography pilot production system. The expandability with additional valves offers variable automated flow-path schemes for production processes as well as for process development. Among typical routines are; column switching, reversed flow switching, counter-current elution, counter-current regeneration and CIP-routines.

Technical Specifications

Flowrate ranges

up to150 ml/min, up to 250 ml/min, up to 500 ml/min or up 1000 ml/min

Max. pressure

All versions 350 bar (1000 ml/min as 300 bar or 350 bar version)


Low Pressure Mixing Quaternary Gradient


UV/Vis (190 – 800 nm), pathlength 0.5 mm

Sample injection

Automatic, manual, 10 ml sample loop, 2 ml sample loop

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