S 742 Preparative Binary Gradient HPLC System – PEEK Version

A metal free bio-compatible PEEK binary high pressure gradient mixing system based on two S 1525 pumps and a flow range of up to 150 ml/min, 250 ml/min, 500 ml/min or 1000 ml/min @ 350 bar.

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The Sykam S 742 Preparative LC System is a high pressure mixing binary gradient system based on two Sykam S 1525 pumps with PEEK pump heads and flow ranges of up to 1000 ml/min and UV/Vis detector. The flow path of the S 742 HPLC system is metal free, making the system particularly suitable for biochromatography and any applications demanding the absence of metal ions, for instance in the field of radio chemistry for purification of radio isotopes. The Sykam Preparative LC Systems based on the S 1525 pumps offer maximum flexibility and configurability. For the 150 ml/min and the 250 ml/min flow rate versions we also propose the HPLC systems based on the S 1535 pumps (see the S 722 system) offering the option for inline built-in vacuum eluent degassing. The choice for the S 742 system with the S 1525 pumps is explained by the availability of the higher flow versions of up to 1000 ml/min and the possibility to add an external low pressure binary, ternary or quaternary gradient mixer to each available flow rate version. The S 742 system is a basic binary gradient configuration, but will not limit the user to adapt the system to more advanced configurations if the demands for more complex applications arise. By just adding the S 8140 low pressure gradient mixer, one pump would be converted to a quaternary gradient system, while the second pump can be used for instance for large volume sample/feed uptake from sample containers via an automatic multiport valve.

Technical Specifications

Flowrate range

up to 150 ml/min, up to 250 ml/min, up to 500 ml/min or up to 1000 ml/min

Max. pressure

350 bar


High Pressure Mixing Binary Gradient


UV/Vis (190 – 800 nm), pathlength 0.5 mm

Sample injection

Automatic, manual, 10 ml sample loop, 2 ml sample loop

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